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This book is about a dream comes true. The dream of flying, which appears out of bound for so many youngsters.

With my story I want to let people know, that if you follow your dream, whatever it may be, you can make it come true.

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  • From the USA

    I read "Flying Dutchman" to my 6.5 year old granddaughter today. She relates well to it since she has teddy bear, "Bedtime Bear", that goes wherever she goes. Soon I hope her mother lets her fly in my J3 with me! " - Jim Newton (USA)
  • Uit de 2013 kalender actie

    "Released this summer, Reint Laan's book "Flying Dutchman and his Cub" (inspired by his live performances of this story) about a young man and his dreams of flying in Holland. Great illustrations and a fun book for children and adults a like. This is a great bedtime story for that future little aviator, be they five or fifty. - Steve Johnson, USA
  • Mijn dag was metéén goed!

    "Ik kocht het boekje in de Pilotshop in Lelystad en las op de parkeerplaats in een keer uit. k ben uit de auto gestapten heb nog drie exemplaren gekocht en die naar goede vrienden verzonden.(...) - H. Martens (Duitsland)